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good morning, america. this morning, walking free. dominique strauss-kahn goes out on the town now that he is a free man. his house arrest is over, and sexual assault against the international money man may soon be dropped. has justice been thwarted? a mother's defense. the prosecution pokes holes in casey anthony's mother's testimony. did they prove that cindy anthony lied when she said she was the one searching for chloroform on the family computer? her daughter's life could hinge on that one detail. a royal weekend. royal stories across two continents, and monaco longtime bachelor prince albert is married in an elaborate ceremony despite rumors that his bride tried to run away. and in north america, prince
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william and catherine are taking canada by storm. can anyone else make wearing a maple leaf this good? and party in the usa. it's going to be a scorcher of a holiday weekend with record highs across much of the country. race to the bebeh. in some communities that heat and dry weather may mean no fireworks on the fourth? and happy fourth of july weekend, everyone. dan harris is on assignment, but we're happy to have dan abrams with us. and, dan, if there were ever a weekend to join us, this is the one. a lot of legal news going on. >> unbelievably, the casey anthony case, you've got strauss-kahn. we're not even going to get to amanda knox. >> fireworks in the courtroom. >> when you start the show with talking about prince albert talking about rumors that she might run away, you never know. >> what do they tell their kids? >> exactly. exactly. >> live happily ever after for
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them. meantime, lots of other things happening. maria shriver declaring her own independence. she just filed for divorce from arnold schwarzenegger who fathered a child with their housekeeper. we'll tell you what she's asking for as she moves to end the high-powered couple's 25-year marriage. sad news there. so, new details on that shocking story about a woman whose body was lying in the bottom of a packed public pool in massachusetts for three days. look at this photo. this is that pool crowded with swimmers last monday, a day after r e drowned and her body sunk to the bottom, so it was still there. the autopsy report is out, and we'll have a live report coming up. but we are going to begin with a shocking tutuaround in the sexual assault case against dominique strauss-kahn. he is now free on his own recognizance as the caca against him appears to be collapsing. abc's rob nelson is outside the new york apartment where strauss-kahn has been under house arrest till yesterday. good morning, rob. we heard he was out at dinner, new york city, last night. >> reporter: well, yes, indeed.
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good morning, bianna. for the first time in weeks in fact dominique strauss-kahn is waking up a nearly free man this morning in this $50,000 a month town home behind me, all, of course, following a stunning reversal of fortune. a smiling dominique strauss-kahn left an upper east side restaurant with his wife last night. his first meal out in a month and a half. just hours earlier, he triumphantly left a manhattan courtroom a free man at least for now. the french financier has been released from house arrest with the case against him now in shambles. >> thank you, your honor. >> reporter: outside the courtroom, anger from the victim's lawyer. >> the district attorney is laying a foundation to dismiss this case. anyone can see that. >> reporter: prosecutors say they have learned about inconsistencies and outright lies by the alleged victim to make the case much harder to take to trial. >> we've maiaiained from the beginning that mr. strauss-kahn is innocent of these charges. >> reporter: prosecutors now say the alleged victim has admitted lying about her whereabouts
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immediately after the alleged attack. she has fabricated her income and even how many children she has to keep her housing and increase her tax refund. authorities also point to a conversation she had with a jailed drug dealer about how she could benefit monetarily from going forward with the case. >> these recent disclosures reinforce our conviction that he will be exonerated. >> reporter: the victim's lawyer concedes that his client has made some mistakes but says that doesn't mean she wasn't raped. >> the medical evidence supports the victim's account. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office agree some type of sexual encounter did take place. >> we believe we have done nothing but to support her. our office's commitment is to the truth and the facts. >> reporter: while strauss-kahn is a giant step closer to freedom, the alleged victim's lawyer says she is not going away. >> the victim will stand before you and tell you because she said "i will go to my grave
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knowing the truth, knowing what this man did to me." >> reporter: we don't know if the alleged victim, when and if she will speak publicly about what happened, but we do know all of this will be back in court on july 18th. bianna, back to you. >> all right. rob, thank you. we want to talk more about this with former prosecutor robin sax who is joining us from los angeles and since dan, of course, is our "gma" legal analyst, we'll turn to you. dan, i want to ask you, what went wrong with the case? >> well, i think the most important thing that has gone wrong is that the prosecutors believe that this woman not only lied to them but lied to the grand jury about something as important as exactly what happened right after the incident occurred. you also see at the end of this three-page letter that prosecutors sentnto the defense that they believe that she's lied to them about a whole host of other issues. the prosecutors think
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that their most important witness, the complaining witness in this case, is lying to them, and they've got very little choice. >> there were multiple lies talking about when she was on a phone call conversation with a boyfriend saying she was in it for the money possibly. what you say is most damaging is what she lied about what she did right after. >> she can lie on her asylum application. she can lie on her tax forms. that's not going to be the big problem. the big problem, when you start lying to the prosecutors about what happened in this incident, i don't see how they can move forward. >> robin sax, i want to bring you in. do you agree with dan and think this case can move towards a dismissal now? >> well, there is no choice, unfortunately, but this case to move towards dismissal. the problem is that this case stinks all around. while this victim did lie, and i agree with dan completely that the fact that there may have been lies that were about applications and on asylum, but when it becomes about the crime itself, it's a problem, but i blame the prosecutors for not building a rapport to get this information out from the beginning.
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the lack of transparency about the relationship between the third in command in the office with the defense is also a problem. something stinks in this case. it doesn't change the fact that this guy has three prior victims, and now this person is also claiming the same sort of sexual abuse, it's a shame for victims everywhere. >> robin, as a prosecutor, if you felt the way you do, as you just laid it out, and you get a victim like this whose credibility is really in question and you feel that the victim is lying to you, what do you do? >> well, first of all, it's incumbent on the prosecutor who's meeting with the victim to let them know that everything is going to come out and it is so much better, any lie, any misstep can be dealt with. victims aren't perfect. we have all cheated on an exam or stolen a piece of bubble gum or lied on a tax form. anybody can deal with and understand that. the problem is when you find out through your own investigation or weeks later or even worse
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from the defense, it's going to be a problem that you can't recover from. >> and if you then come to the conclusion that, let's say you've been had, i mean let's say by the end, and we don't know this is the case with these prosecutors, but if they come to the conclusion that this was a fabricated allegation, do you then go afteteher on the other legal issues, meaning the lies on her asylum application, taxes, do you get the feds involved? >> well, i don't think in a case like this thth you have substantial reason to necessarily go back into taxes. it's all out there in the open. it's totally apparent to any federal officer who wants to pursue an investigation. are you kidding? we're covering it all the time. i don't think the d.a. needs to do that in this case but i do think you need to go after some victims who aren't truthful because if you don't do that, you are bound to see defense attorneys from here on out in every sex crimes case screaming duke lacrosse, now dominique strauss-kahn case and ruin and poison cases
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forever. >> thihi was definitely a stunning turn of events and know strauss-kahn is a free man at least within the united states, he's expected back in court july 18th, and, of course, we're going to follow this story over the next few weeks and appreciate your time. >> dan. >> now to that baffling and bizarre drowning outside boston. a woman's lifeless body went unnoticed at the bottom of a crowded public pool for nearly three days. we now know exactly how the woman died. abc's linsey davis has been to the scene in fall river, massachusetts, and is back with us this morning. good morning, linsey. >> good morning, dan. so many people were anxiously awaiting the autopsy report to try to get some insight into this mystery. and it says the cause of death was asphyxiation by drowning, which means this hard to believe scenario of a body undetected in a public pool for 2 1/2 days is really true. the autopsy report confirms what many struggled to belilie, that 36-year-old marie joseph drowned sunday afternoon and went
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undetected by swimmers, lifeguards and health inspectors for almost three days. when this photo was taken on monday, children swam in the pool unaware there was a corpse in the water with them. >> the only thing of note in the inspection report is that the inspector did indicate that the pool water was cloudy. >> reporter: her neighbor's 9-year-old son says he told the lifeguard that when she went down the slide, she never came back up, but he says no one looked for her. conventional wisdom says no one would have to look, that a body on the floor of the pool would stand out, but investigators say that when it opened for the season, just one day before joseph went, the water was murky and cloudy, but even in clear water, just take a look at what happens when this dummy sinks to the bottom of the pool. in still water, you can see it but in agitated water, when other swimmers are present, it becomes almost impossible to make out. and in this video produced in 2003 by a lifeguard training company to test lifeguards, when they put dummies in crowded pools to see if lifeguards would spot them, none of these
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lifeguards saw the dummies, even after they had been submerged for three minutes. b.j. fisher of the lifeguards association says he's aware of similar scenarios. >> on a sunny day you can ve a lot of sunlight rays fracturing off the surface of the water creating a situation that the lifeguard can't look below the surface even with clear water. >> reporter: the lifeguard association is adamant that swimming pools where the water is so cloudy that you can't see the bottom of the pool need to be closed. visibility tests conducted on wednesday in the pool where the tragedy occurred revealed that a submerged diver could not be seen when they were just 3 1/2 to 4 feet below the surface in the pool's deep end. bianna? >> all right, linsey, thank you. well, a big fourth of july weekend is well under way. and it's going to be a hot one. much of the country will see temperatures five to ten degrees above normal and parts of six states from the midwest to the southwest are under heat advisories and warnings. and for some place, the hot, dry weather will also mean less
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rockets' red glare this independence day because fireworks are being banned. david kerley is on the national mall in washington with more on this story. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. it is time for the country to celebrate its independence. quite a show here on the people's mall set for monday, but some of our friends across the country are going to be denied those big celebrations. fire is putting an end to the fireworks. >> a lot of people are going to be really i mean disappointed. >> reporter: disappointed they won't see this on the fourth. exploding, star-spangled fireworks celebrating our country's birth, but for many states it's just too dangerous. >> the chances of fires getting started are much greater when it's hot and exceptionally dry out. >> reporter: with wildfires in arizona and new mexico, the bans on fireworks are spreading. but new mexico's governor has limited power. >> i ordered that there be no fireworks whatsoever to be used on state land. that is the only authority i have as governor. >> reporter: she begged
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residents to forgo fireworks this year. in texas where more than 3 million acres have been scorched, nearly every county has banned fireworks, and that means 100,000 in austin for the first time in 35 years won't see fireworks with the texas symphony, so they canceled the show. it's not just a fire hazard for some cities. the economic hardships are hitting their patriotic plans. chicago will have its big show on the fourth, but the show for the big food fest has been canceled. why? the budget worries. but one texas town, amarillo, has come up with a solution to the problem. no pyrotechnics, instead, a laser show. >> something new, something different and something safe and really celebrating our wonderful day. >> reporter: the preparations are under way here on the nation's mall. you can actually see the bandstand behind me. this is one of the biggest shows you will see and for all those folks who had
8:14 am
their shows canceled, here's the good news, this show will be broadcast. you can watch it on tv if nothing else. dan and bianna. >> watch it on tv, all right, davivi thank you. it's so sad. i lived in austin for five years. they had an amazing fireworks show. >> i always wanted to go to austin. >> ron, you've been, right? >> yes, i have. good morning, everyone. defiant libyan leader moammar gadhafi is threatening to attack europe. gadhafi warned of attacks against home, offices and families if nato does not stop its air campaign againsnst his regime. a u.s. state department spokesmama said the u.s. is taking it seriously. in syria hundreds of thousands turned out across the country in the largest protest yet in the four-month uprising against the government there. activists said at least 14 people were killed in clashes with security forces, but in some cities the protests took place without any trouble. and back in this country, maria shriver is making it official. she is filing divorce papers to end her 25-year marriage to arnold schwarzenegger. abc's s n kloeffler has the details. >> reporter: with millions in
8:15 am
assets and four children between them, the kennedy heir is pulling out of her marriage to the man known as the governator citing irreconcilable differences. maria shriver filed for joint cuss difficult the couple's two youngest children and in addition shriver is seekingng alimony and because california recognizes any income earned during a marriage as a 50/50 asset she could be entitled to half of his money. some estimate it in the millions. it puts an end to rumors of infidelity and maria turning the other cheek. >> i am my own woman. i have not been "bred to look the other way." >> reporter: but maria couldn't ignore his bombshell earlier that he fathered a son with the couple's former housekeeper mildred baena seen here in pictures from tmz. before the announcement shriver left the mansion saying they had separated. despite his actions schwarzenegger said he valued shriver's love. >> i want to thank her so much for being the greatest wife and the most spectacular partner.
8:16 am
i am moved. >> reporter: whatever his future it appears the former governor will have to continue without that support. for "good morning america," dan kloeffler, abc news, new york. and finally, an unusual visitor to a utah neighborhood. a young moose playing a game of hide-and-seek in a salt lake city suburb on friday. police and wildlife officers were called in just in case the moose became aggressive but all the animal did was roam around some backyards, a playground and to a golf course before heading to the wild or perhaps coming this way. >> on the golf course. >> no one was hurt, though. >> nobody hurt. now it is time for the weather. with jackie meretsky. hey, jackie. >> hey, guys, not many moose sightings in new york city but in minnesota, it's probably fairly typical and that's where strong storms barreled through leaving 44,000 residents in minnesota without power. 80-mile-per-hour winds were reported, and we do have severe weather in the forecast today in portions of the central plains
8:17 am
as well as the foothills and then as that front blows through it looks like ththgreat lakes will be affected with big cities in the mix including detroit, buffalo as well as chicago, illinois, coming up. i will have your beach forecast. that's a quick look at your national >> bianna and dan. >> jackie, thank you. >> sure. well, monaco's prince albert has finally tied the knot giving the principality its first princess since his mother, princess grace, died nearly 30 years ago, and lama hasan joins us from london with details of
8:18 am
the wedding that according to some report, lama, almost didn't happen. >> reporter: almost didn't, you're absolutely right, yes, good morning to you both. well, the bolting bride she was not. charlene wittstock showed up and wore a fetching silk chanel suit for the civil ceremony and, by the way, she'll now be known as her serene highness princess charlene. the royal couple, a balcony and a kiss. it could only mean one thing, yes. after five years of courting prince albert of monaco has finally tied the knot with his fiancee, former south african olympic swimmer charlene wittstock. [ speaking french ] >> reporter: for a civil ceremony they used the same red draped throne room as his parents did more than 50 years ago when his father prince rainier iii wed the beautiful hollywood actress grace kelly. and just like kelly, wittstock went from being a commoner to a princess, but the marriage reportedly almost fell through earning her the nickname the
8:19 am
bolting bride. french magazine "l'express" claimed that wittstock was on her way back home to south africaa with a one-way ticket after she learned that her prince had another child out of wedlock. the magazine reported she was stopped at the airport by police and persuaded to go through with the wedding. the palace has denied this calling it "ugly rumors." monaco has beeeegearing up for the $80 million extravagant celebration. the bubbly was flowing and so was the pink beer made especially for the wedding. there was a laser concert by french composer jean-michel jarre where the bride seemed to be taking her new role in her stride. >> thank you for all your love and support. >> reporter: okay, so maybe it's not quite like that other wedding this year -- you know which one i'm talking about -- but the festivities aren't over yet. now, there will be an elaborate catholic ceremony with 3,500 guests later today
8:20 am
followed by an official dinner and the evening will be topped off with a fabulous firework display. in case you're wondering, the bride will be wearing a giorgio armani wedding dress. >> i was wondering. you know what i noticed they only had one balcony kiss, not two we saw frorowilliam and kate. >> see, you're focusing on that. i'm thinking about the police stopping her at the airport. >> the legal mind always at work. >> and convincing her to go back. maybe she just didn't want to hit the pink beer. >> maybe they tranquilized her and -- >> all right, boys. >> -- convinced her to go back. >> for us romantics, there is more. >> think about that. >> there is more royal newlywed stories coming up. william and kate take canada. huge crowds cheer william and kate, who wears a maple leaf fascinator to celebrate canada day. their next stop, dan, usa. that's next weekend. the countdown is on to closing arguments in the casey
8:21 am
anthony murder case. the final witnesses for the prosecution raise questions about whether her mom was lying about computer searches for chloroform. and shocking. sarah palin, what's the revelation in bristol's new book that she didn't want her mom to see? [ female announcer ] it follows you wherever you go.
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>> all: we want kate. we want kate. we want kate. that's when you know that you are officially a celebrity. people chanting "we want kate." i think that started out "we want will and kate," and then the will sort of dissipated. >> he's going to become secondary quickly. >> that's the reaction in canada counting down the days here. dan harris -- by the way, dan is a huge fan. i'm assuming you are, as well. >> i don't think i'm as knowledgeable. >> i'll teach you. a few minutes with me, you'll be a pro. >> i'm very much looking forward to that. >> good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. obviously along with dan abrams. he's in for dan harris who is on assignment this morning. it's saturday, july 2nd, and
8:31 am
also ahead bristol palin in the news. >> talks one on one with robin about t x, motherhood and what it was really like on the campaign trail with the mccains and what does she say about levi johnston's new book about her family? >> and happy fourth, america. a little fun. a look at what's going on in your life. of course, it's "your week in three words" coming up. >> look how cute. >> adorable. down to the wire in the casey anthony murder trial. closing arguments set for tomorrow after the prosecution called its final witnesses to try to undermine her mother cindy's claim that she, not casey, made computer searches that are a key to this case. yunji de nies has more from orlando. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, dan. ititas another riveting day in court as those witnesses seemed to tear apart the testimony of cindy anthony, and now there are serious questions as to whether or not she could be brought up on perjury charges. prosecutors used their final
8:32 am
witnesses to u uermine, not casey, but her mother, cindy. a parade of rebuttal witnesses drove a stake through the heart of her testimony about searches she claims she made on the family computer. >> do you recall doing any types of searches that might include chloroform? >> yes. i started looking up chlorophyll and then that prompted me to look up chloroform. >> reporter: a computer forensics expert testified that's not true. >> did you find any references to chlorophyll? >> no, ma'am. >> those searches ararat the core of the prosecution's case that little caylee was murdered and that her mother had planned it researching chloroform and neck breaking online weeks before the toddler died. and remember how cindy anthony explained away the neck breaking video? >> i did not search for neck breaking, but i do recall that there was a pop-up that was showing a youtube regarding a skateboarder, and i recall it
8:33 am
saying a neck-breaking feat. >> reporter: again, the expert said not possible. >> this is not the result of a pop-up but is the result of a human being specifically entering "neck" and "breaking." >> reporter: and then there was the timing of those searches. cindy claims she left work early and went online. >> were you home on march 17th of 2008 between 1:43 and 1:55 p.m.? >> if those computer entries were made, then i made them. i was home. >> but her boss backed up by company computer logs and time sheets testified that too was not true. >> no. >> reporter: now the jury has the day off today but both sides are hard at work as they prepare for tomorrow's closing arguments. those closing arguments are expected to last a half a day for each side. so by tomorrow night, the fate of casey anthony could be in the hahas of the jury. dan and bianna.
8:34 am
>> big day tomorrow, indeed. yunji, thank you. dan, i do want to turn to you. how do you think the prosecution did d trying to prove that cindy anthony was lying about doing chloroform searches? >> i think they did a good job. i can't emphasize how important this is. this is the evidence of premeditation. this is a first degree murder charge. that means premeditated murder. the only real evidence the prosecutors have of premeditation is the fact that they believe they have proof that it was casey who was on that computer searching for chloroform, searching for neck breaking, searching for missing children's websites, et cetera, so the prosecutors say that's the proof that she had been thinking about this for some time before this occurred. if the jurors believe cindy anthony, that she was the one doing many of those searches, there mimit not be any evidence of premeditation. >> this obviously a mother in peril deeply distraught to see her daughter up there. closing arguments. what can we expect from both sides? >> i think you'll see the prosecution trying to focus on the big picture saying don't look at any piece of evidence
8:35 am
individually. look at the totality of the circumstances. look at what she did immediately after the child died in conjunction with the evidence that was in the car and the evidence that was at the crime scene, et cetera. the defense, on the other hand, is going to do just the opposite. they're going to try to get jurors to focus on single issues in an efffft to say, this should demonstrate reasonable doubt, and i do think you'll see the defense focusing on cause of death. the best argument the defense has is that the prosecution has a difficult time proving that this child was actually killed at the hands of another as opposed to the possibility of an accident, so i think you're going to hear a lot about that if the defense does a good job but then again the defense did such a bad job in its opening statement, who knows. >> we shall see. it all rests upon tomorrrr. >> absolutely. >> all right. well, ron has the other headlines for us this morning. >> good morning, again, bianna, dan. good morning, everyone. in the news dominique strauss-kahn enjoyed a night out in new york city last night after being freed from house arrest on friday. the sexual assault case agaiait him appears to be collapsing
8:36 am
because of questions about his accuser's credibility. los alamos national lab has ended its state of emergency now that the largest wildfire in new mexico's history has moved away. authorities are preparing to allow thousands of people to return to their homes, but the fire is still only 3% contained. many people are giving up their holiday weekend to help rebuild tornado-ravaged joplin, missouri. nearly 40,000 people have registered to volunteer since the tornado hit in late may. and finally, a controversy deal in the sports world. nike has re-signed quarterback michael vick to an endorsement deal nearly four years after dropping him for his involvement in a dogfighting ring. nike says it supports the positive changes that vick has made off the field. time now for the weather and jackie meretsky. >> thanks very much, ron. and good morning. most of the country is dealing with some very, very warm weather, and you can tell here the jet stream riding high to the north, so all of that heat is just cruising along with it, and this is what we're looking at. fairly consistent weather for
8:37 am
most of these cities. phoenix today could top out at 116 degrees, and if it does, that will be a record. these are your water temperatures. so from virginia beach a a the way down to south florida, very, very warm water. on the west coast, however, that current flows down from alaska, so consequently your water temperatures are much more chilly. 56 degrees in san rafael. >> this weather report has been brought to you by cesar canine cuisine. bianna, yummy. sdmrl jackie, yummy. ready for more royals news? >> i'm ready for it. well, friday was canada day.
8:38 am
that's their version of july 4th but it was more like prince william and kate day there. the royal couple stole the spotlight on their north american tour with tens of thousands of people coming out in ottawa to show their love for the newlyweds. abc's bob woodruff is following them every step of the way. >> reporter: no one does pomp and circumstance better than the royals. william and kate didn't disappoint. the couple arrived in the afternoon on a horse-drawn carriage saluted by the mounties and received a royal flyover fit for a king. young and old braved the 90-degree heat. >> i'm excited to be able to share this with catherine because she has told me -- she has told me that she feels exactly the same way. >> all: we want kate. >> reporter: with the crowds chanting "we want kate," the new duchess wowed the crowds yet again. kate was decked out in the same dress she wore during her
8:39 am
engagement photo. she updated it with a diamond encrusted maple leaf broach on loan from the queen accompanied by a maple leaf hat to celebrate canada day. people lined the streets just to get a glimpse of william and kate. estimates ranged from 300,000 to 500,000 people. you'd like to talk to the duchess. >> yes, marry a prinin. everyone's dream. >> reporter: you're next. >> oh, i wish. >> the hottest couple in the world at the moment. >> reporter: but for all the excitement, it may well have been a bittersweet day for the newlyweds. at this celebration this would have been diana's 50th birthday. >> walking through the streets with his lovely bride. a picture that diana, of course, would want to see for herself. >> reporter: this adventure is their first official foreign
8:40 am
trip, their first chance to take the stage together. bob woodruff, abc news, ottawa. >> look what dan wrote in the middle of the piece. "w"wwant kate." >> looks like my handwriting too. >> i told you i'd convert you. >> did you notice they talked about she wore -- is that a problem? she wore the same dress. >> she was supposed to travel with 40. >> you're allowed to wear a dress you've w wn before. i don't know. i'm asking. >> i have but i'm not a princess so you never know. meantime, coming up on "good morning america," a candid and revealing interview with bristol palin. what was it like being a pregnant, unwed teenager forced into the spotlight of a presidential campaign? ananupporting the troops and celebrating the fourth. "your week in three words" is coming up. ey' s'mores special?
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sarah palin is keeping the country guessing on whether she'll run for president in 2012 but her daughter bristol says she knows what her mom's plans are. she's just not telling and she talked about her mom's possible presidential bid when she sat down for a one-on-one interview with abc's robin roberts to discuss her new book "not afraid of life: my journey so far." >> your mother has tweeted, and she has high praise for your book which i know as a daughter would make you feel good. anything she didn't like or anything that she was like,
8:44 am
bristol, why? >> probably that first chapter. the first few pages, you know, it was like, oh, great, i know i'm going to have to show my mom this. walking that tour and handing it to her was like, okay, let me know when you're finished. so that was hard but she knows. she knows it has good intentions behind it. >> in the first few pages of her new book, bristol palin describes her first sexual encounter with levi johnston. "i wondered why it was call eed losing your virginity because it felt more like it had been stolen." >> i'm looking back with adult eyes. that was a foolish decision. i should never have been underage drinking, and i should have never gotten myself into a situation like that. >> are you concerned about the book that levi has coming out in the fall? even the title of it, you know, "in the crosshairs of sarah palin." that's your mom. >> i'm honestly not worried about it. levi has done a lot in his career that he has going but, you know, i'm not worried about it. he already made up whatever he
8:45 am
could make up about our family and i'm not worried about it. >> bristol opens up about life on the campaign trail. as the pregnant unwed teen daughter of the republican vice presidential nominee and how it was announced to the world. >> just watching fox news, we see it scroll across the screen, and that's how most of my friends found out that i was pregnant, and it was hard to deal with that. that's how people found out. you know, it wasn't my mom addressing it. >> there would be other moments away from the camera that caught bristol off guard. cindy mccain, who bristol says "looks like a queen and holds herself like royalty" offered to be a godparent to tripp. what did you think about that? >> i didn't know what to think of it. i didn't know why she would want to be the godparent of my son. i didn't really take her seririsly and i kind of just laughed it off but cindy is awesome. she's great. me saying she carries herself like royalty, i don't think it's a bad thing. i think she's beautiful and carries herself with grace. >> reporter: despite some bumpy moments on the trail, bristol is
8:46 am
not shy ago way from the media. instead she has appeared on "dancing with the stars." her mom's tlc rereity show "sarah palin's alaska" and is currently working on her own new reality show. do you want to continue some schooling? i know you do have your high school diploma. >> it's something that is definitely on my bucket list. i really need to do it. but right now with the opportunities that i have in front of me, i'm going to take advantage of them. >> what do you ultimately want to do? >> i just want to be a good mom. i just want to provide for tripp the best i can, and i want to give him a happy, fun life. >> that was roron roberts, of course, reporting. coming up on "good morning america," "your week in three words." words." the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it.
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it is time for your three words. the music is by o.a.r. who i must say i became a fan of when they were just small time. the song is called "heaven" and, of course, the videos are yours. >> we support troops. ♪ i'm underneath it all tonight out my window ththe's a million lights ♪ ♪ a thousand hearts feeling just like me ♪ ♪ man it feels like heaven out here in the street ♪ ♪ so bring it back all i want is understanding to live my life the way that i planned it ♪ ♪ wouldn't change a thing man it feels like heaven underneath my feet ♪ ♪ so you take the left i'll take the right under arrest we're under fire ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh i don't wanna go to heaven if i can't get in ♪ ♪ you take the low i'll take the high ♪ ♪ you lock the guy i hear the
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oh i'm not your enemy i net met no criminal and if the end i'd do it again n ♪ i don't wanna go to heaven if i can't get in oh i'm not a criminal yeah i'm no enemy ♪ ♪ it's just the way i live i don't wanna go to heaven if i can't get in ♪ >> ron's feet are tapping. you can always be a part of "your three words." just send in your videos by uploading them to our website, good song. >> it is. >> we'll be right back. but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator,
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you got me again, jackie. thanks for watching abc news. we're always online, don't forget "world news with david muir." you'll be here tomorrow. >> i'll see you tomorrow. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee.
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